About Us and Terms

About Us

The primary goals of the competition are; to strengthen the artistic ties of students, to create a platform for national-international music schools and teachers to meet and an environment for sharing, to discover new talents in piano performance and to promote classical piano music as it is one of the essential components for the cultural education of the rising generation, and even to encourage talented pianists who are at the beginning of their careers. By participating in the competition, children will have the opportunity to take the stage, to challenge themselves and gain experience at a platform outside their own environment, which in return will reward their enthusiasm and passion of the amateur spirit.

Second Hisar School International Piano Competition Terms

  1. In the competition, the finalists of each category will bring their performances to life on stage at Hisar School on June 21 and 22, 2019.
  2. Students currently studying full time at private-state conservatories cannot participate in the competition. The competition is open to all students studying at private-public schools from the age of 6 to 18, and all foreign country students that fulfil the requirements.
  3. Provided that the individual has explicit consent, all candidates of all nationalities must fill out the application form on the official website of the competition, and upload their mp4 video from the given link by 23:59 on Friday May 3, 2019. Participants are required to scan and email their certificate of school enrolment, and the bank payment receipt.
  4. If any of the required documents are not submitted, the application will not be taken into consideration.
  5. There are 5 categories in the competition:
    • Category A: 6-7 years old
    • Category B: 8-9 years old
    • Category C: 10-12 years old
    • Category D: 13-15 years old
    • Category E: 16-18 years old
    • The age of the contestant on the contest date, 21-22 June, is considered.
  6. Fifteen candidates will be selected from each category to compete in the finals.
  7. In the finals, participants of each category will give live performances at Hisar School, to an open public on June 21 and 22, 2019.
  8. The award ceremony will be held at the same venue as the performances on Sunday, June 23, 2019 at 16:00. Candidates who compete in the finals must also attend the award ceremony. Candidates who do not attend the award ceremony cannot claim any right for the prize. Formal attire is required for the award ceremony. You must be properly dressed as befits the occasion and the stage, and not casually.
  9. All participants must indicate their performance program on the application form. The preliminary selection will be based on the video recording. The pieces performed on the video may also be performed at the competition. All participants are free to choose their piece for the video recording. Finalists, however, have to play the piece they have indicated on the application form at the finals. The video recordings cannot exceed the durations given below:
    • Category A: 1 minute
    • Category B: 2 minutes
    • Category C: 3 minutes
    • Category D: 4 minutes
    • Category E: 5 minutes
  10. All participants must indicate which piece they will perform when filling out the application form. The preliminary selection will be done by a video recording. Pieces used for video recordings may also be played at the competition. Participants are free to choose the piece for the video recording. Finalists will perform the piece they have indicated in the application form at the finals. The video recordings cannot exceed the durations given below:
    • Category A: 1 minute
    • Category B: 2 minutes
    • Category C: 3 minutes
    • Category D: 4 minutes
    • Category E: 5 minutes
  11. Participants can send only one video recording for the preliminary selection, the first video of each participant will be taken will be taken into consideration and the others will be disregarded.
  12. The pieces to be performed at the competitions don't need to be memorized.
  13. The jury's decision is the final decision and will not be altered in any condition.
  14. Participants who advance to the final round must take the stage at the stated date and time. If not, they will not be given another chance to participate.
  15. The competition committee will be taking video and audio recordings of participants in finals, with their permission/consent, during the competition. They may broadcast the recordings for promotional purposes. The publishing rights/copyrights of these materials belong to Hisar School.
  16. Application fee for the competition is 250 TL. Participants are responsible for paying their own travel and accommodation expenses.

    Euro Account Information:
    Account Name: Hisar Eğitim Vakfı İktisadi İşletmesi
    Bank Name: Akbank
    Branch Name: Göktürk Şubesi
    Branch Code: 882
    EURO Account No: 3136
    IBAN: TR06 0004 6008 8203 6000 0031 36

  17. Once participants apply for the competition, they accept and agrees to all the terms.
  18. Participants are free to choose their music piece. If a participant advances to the finals, s/he must perform the piece indicated in her/his application form. If one performs longer than the durations give below, his/her performance may be interrupted.
    • Category A: 2 minutes
    • Category B: 4 minutes
    • Category C: 6 minutes
    • Category D: 8 minutes
    • Category E: 11 minutes
  19. Awards for each category will be based on the following scoring system.
    • 95-100 score: First place certificate
    • 90-94 score: Second place certificate
    • 85-89 score: Third place certificate
    • 80-84 score: Fourth place certificate
    • Participants who score 79 or below will receive a participation certificate.
    Participants who score the highest in their categories will be awarded first place for their respective category and win prize money of 1000 TL and a plaque.
    Additionally, the jury will decide and present the Jury's Special Award to one participant chosen among the five first place winners of each category. The winner of this award will receive an acoustic piano.